An aesthetic care practitioner with 14 years of experience, Yvette Drapeaux brings to our team a deep knowledge of skin care, and a commitment to providing custom-tailored, individualized care to every one of her clients.

Since graduating from the Aveda Institute of Washington D.C. in 2007, Yvette has been invested in continually expanding her knowledge and expertise in the realm of aesthetic care. In this time, she has undergone specialized training with regard to a number of aesthetic procedures, and the treatment of several skin conditions.

Yvette specializes in the treatment of acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and a variety of age-related skin concerns. As an esthetician, she is well-practiced with a range of skin resurfacing procedures and hair removal treatments.

Specialty & Experience
14 years of aesthetic care experience
Certificates & awards
Graduated from the Aveda Institute, Washington D.C. in 2007
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