NUTRAFOL Core Solutions

Your foundation for hair wellness. Formulated with ingredients clinically proven to improve hair growth by addressing multiple root causes: hormones, stress, nutrition, metabolism, and environment.
Nutrafol for Women Improves hair growth, fullness, and sine. With natural ingredients for chronic stress and fatigue.
Nutrafol Women Hair Wellness from Within

Nutrafol Women’s Balance

For women before, during and after menopause. Formulated with hormone-supportive ingredients for hair growth.

Nutrafol for Men

Improves hair growth and thickness with 100% drug-free ingredients including DHT inhibitors.
Nutrafol Men Grooming Award Esquire

Targeted Boosters

(Only available through the Hair Wellness Evaluation)
Specialized formulas that complement your Core Product by supporting specific systems that play a role in your hair health: sex hormones, adrenals, gut, metabolism, and liver.

Before Growing


Nutrafol gets that younger men deal with this issue. I definitely felt my hair get thicker and stronger overall and am still seeing improvements everyday.

Before Growing

Lynda's Before and After
My overall health is better too!

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