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One of the novel features of BeautiFill is its proprietary radial tip fiber encased in a blunt Mercedes cannula. This design allows for a 360˚ radial emission of low-power density, which targets water and selectively creates a thermal environment that softens and detaches the fat for effortless separation during simultaneous aspiration.

In a controlled study, BeautiFill results indicated greater cell viability, along with heightened fat quality over mechanical liposuction.
Contrary to popular belief, a fat transfer procedure takes far less time than traditional liposuction because it requires far less volume.
Doing fat transfer right doesn’t require greater fat quantity — it requires better fat quality.

Complete and natural aesthetic contouring solution with high fat viability

As laser energy is delivered to the tissue, the laser cauterizes blood vessels rather than causing them to rupture as with mechanical liposuction.
This minimizes bleeding, swelling and body trauma such as hematomas, edema and bruising as well as minimizing postoperative pain.
BeautiFill achieves a fat vitality rate greater than 95% allowing optimal utilization of the preserved fat as a perfect alternative to synthetic materials. The procedure is quick and convenient with a fully equipped kit, allowing you to easily restore patient tissue volume.
Generally the effects of fat injection can last indefinitely, making it extremely appealing to patients looking for natural contouring procedure delivering surgical results with no surgery.
Autologous fat transfer may be particularly beneficial for patients who are allergic or sensitive to fillers such as
collagen or Hylaform. With BeautiFill, autologous fat transfer is simple, safe, inexpensive and effective.

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